The Micrographia Bio Team


Dr. Julia Fan Li

CEO, Co-Founder

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Dr. Chris Thompson

CTO, Co-Founder

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Dr. Sophie Adjalley

Head of R&D

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Dr. Josh Price

Optical Microscopy Engineer


Dr. Matias De Vas

Molecular Biology Engineer

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Esther Barlow-Smith

Machine Learning Engineer

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Navid Khazaee

Computer Vision Engineer

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Dr. Romain Laine

Head of Intelligent Imaging

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Dr. Luca Rosa

Molecular Biology Scientist

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Dr. Eirinn Mackay

Mechantronics Engineer

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Scientific Advisory Board

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Annalisa Jenkins, MBBS, FRCP

Non-Executive Director
Genomics England

Former Head of R&D at Merck Serono, Global Head & SVP of Medical Affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and CEO Dimension Therapeutics. Annalisa chairs and serves on the boards of several life sciences companies in the US and UK.

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Alexander Moscho, PhD

COO, Executive Committee
GHD Germany

Former Chief Strategy Officer with UCB and a member of UCB’s Executive Committee and General Manager of UK & Ireland for Bayer. Alexander is an active angel investor in transformational technologies.  

In Memory


Tadataka Yamada, M.D.

We were honoured to have Tachi's brilliance, character, intellect, and kindness as Chair of our SAB. His contributions to our mission and technology are incalculable, and we will miss him greatly.  We send our deepest condolences to the Yamada family, and will strive to support his legacy through our work at Micrographia Bio.